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engagement_ring_homepageYou don’t have to overpay for jewelry! You can get the perfect design at an affordable price by coming to us. You can choose between gold, silver, or platinum, and independently certified diamonds by GIA, the Gemological Institue of America, and EGL, the European Gemological Laboratory, to create the perfect ring for your special person. With affordable rings available, you can save money towards other important things surrounding your wedding day.

The typical mark-up on engagement rings is five to ten times the value of the metal and diamonds. Purchasing an engagement ring for your significant other can burn a hole in your wallet, with engagement rings costing roughly $2,500 on average. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can benefit from affordable, quality, custom engagement rings by coming to Paul Albarian Jewelry. We will not only help you win your lover’s heart but also be budget friendly.

At Paul Albarian Jewelry, we sell new or pre-owned engagement rings at a deep discount. You can shop for the ring you want, or you can have it custom designed at a very affordable price. Having a customized wedding or engagement ring has much more sentimental value and you can save money in the process; so everybody wins. Engagement rings come in a wide variety of styles and designs and best of all, you can design your own!

Show us a picture and we will have it made for you with a savings of up to half the price you could pay at a retail store. This will give you the opportunity to add a more meaningful touch to your engagement ring as you can personalize it for your special someone. Get a customized jewelry piece made from gold, silver, or any other precious metal and we will give you a fair price.

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