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custom_jewelry_homepageDon’t get overcharged for jewelry. Why do we pay so much for jewelry? Because we think the precious metals and precious stones justify the expense, and because jewelry is a “luxury” item. But jewelry doesn’t need to be nearly as expensive as it is. In fact, most of the cost of a piece of jewelry is profit for the jeweler because it’s sold at a “retail price.”

The typical markup for jewelry, especially at the mall, is 5 to 15 times the base price. There’s no doubt that gold is valuable (at the time of writing, gold is worth more than $1200 per ounce. But the value of the materials, and even the skilled labor involved in making jewelry, doesn’t come close to justifying the cost. If you buy a ring at a jeweler in the mall, you aren’t just adding a ring to the family jewelry collection – you’re probably adding an extra “0” to the price tag, too!

Buy quality jewelry from an upstanding business man. At Paul Albarian Jewelry, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and honest prices. We will guide you through the process of selecting and buying a piece of jewelry, and making sure that you have a piece you’re happy with at a fair price. Just as buying a piece of jewelry for a loved one is an investment in your relationship, we consider selling jewelry an investment in our relationship with our clients.

We sell estate jewelry at great discounts – including Cartier, Tiffany, and Rolex. We maintain an inventory of brand-name and unique jewelry, which we can sell to you at a great price. Moreover, we acquire most of our jewelry through estate sales and we have a broader inventory selection than most stores. This can help you focus on a fashion that suits you the best. Our inventory includes classic and elegant pieces over the years – providing you with options you may not be able to find at most jewelry stores.

We can have new jewelry made for you based on a picture or sketch, again at a great discount. Not satisfied with what you can find in the stores, or want a piece of jewelry made to your particular specifications? We can help! Bring us a photo or sketch of the piece you want, and we will work our local artisans to create a custom piece of jewelry for you. And even for custom pieces, our prices should beat retail jewelry stores by a wide margin.

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Note: Images are samples only, actual ring design and diamond size will vary based on your specifications.

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